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Single layer, double layer and multi-layer, S / Z, Z / S Bend, Coil or reel in Ne12 and N80 range
100% SUPIMA cotton, PIMA cotton, GIZA cotton, Fibermax / Yunca Cotton, Turkish / Aegean Cotton, Organic Cotton, Compact Combing, Gaze / Mersenze Raw, Reactive and Indanthren Dyed, Gradient.
100% Tencel and Tencel Blends Raw, Reactive and Indanthren Dyed, Gradient.
100% Polyester, polyester compact core spun, polyester blends raw, reactive and indanthren dyed, gradient.
Modal, viscose Bamboo and blends.

Ne 4- Ne 80 single ply, double ply and multi ply 'S' and 'Z' twist, Coil and Paste
Supima, pima, Giza Cotton, Fibermax / Greek cotton, Turkish / Aegean cotton, Organic Cotton Compact, Combed, Gaze Mercerized Raw, Reactive and Indanthren Painted, Gradient, Melange.
Tencel, Modal, Viscose, Bamboo raw, reactive and indanthren painted gradient, melange.
Polyester, polyester, blends Raw, Dyed, Gradient

100% Supima, Pima, Giza, Turkish Aegean Cotton
Compact Combed, Combed, Gaze Mercerized Raw, Painted, Gradient
Ne 16 - Ne 80 range single layer and multi-ply yarns
100% polyester sewing thread, Raw, Dyed, Gradient Yarns
100% Tencel and Tencel / Cotton Raw and Dyed Yarns

Plain weave-round weave-knit combed socks-Narrow woven-carpet for home textile sectors Ne 4 - Ne 120 range single, double and multi-storey Ring, OpenEnd, MUS / Vartex, Slub, Siro Twist, Long Twist 'S' Twist and 'Z' Twist.
Supima, Pima, Giza, American cotton, Turkish cotton, Greek cotton, Organic Cotton, BCI (Better Cotton Cotton) All other fiber and cotton blends-> Karde, Renye, Kompate, Gaze, Mercerized
Raw, indanthren & Reactive Dyed, Gradient Melange.

Textile Fillux superior quality and high-strength sewing, embroidery, laces and hand knitting as the main suppliers of industrial thread and was established in Turkey. With 20 years of experience, Fillux is not only a quality thread but also an open address for quality continuity. Our main philosophy is the assurance source for our company which has superior quality service. Our quality and experience is our guarantee.

Haraparası Mahallesi 115/1 Sokak Ali Muharrem Civelek A Blok No:6/7 Antakya / HATAY
0552 277 47 31
Fillux ® 2018
Çukurova Patent