Innovative Applications
Fillux, which has positioned itself as a global company and continues its existence with its superior technology, high quality human resources and professional management arguments, is now an "innovative" company behind it. Fillux, which constantly renews itself, closely follows the trends in the sector and has the production and management flexibility required for compliance with them, is one of the innovative companies that have taken innovation among company targets.

Service Innovation
Fillux demonstrates its distinctive and exemplary practices in the yarn industry, which make it unique for its employees. the first of its kind with organizations and social clubs are also part of this concept in Turkey. Fillux is also one of the leaders of the sector with its exemplary and different works in social responsibility and social compliance.

Product Innovation

Since the beginning of 1998, R & D as Fillux engaged in the production of yarn industry in recent years, the discoloration of the most important trends hold water, iron-free, the colors fade smart yarn is among the first manufacturers in Turkey.

Textile Fillux superior quality and high-strength sewing, embroidery, laces and hand knitting as the main suppliers of industrial thread and was established in Turkey. With 20 years of experience, Fillux is not only a quality thread but also an open address for quality continuity. Our main philosophy is the assurance source for our company which has superior quality service. Our quality and experience is our guarantee.

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